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Who would chose a game like this to be your 'killer' app? Atari would obviously?

Posted by Invisible on Feb 21, 2011 03:22 (Feb 21, 2011 03:22)

Blimey! I didn’t realise Id left it so long. Bare with us dear reader, normal service will be resumed eventually. I mean, I’ve got the “Beat’ em Up Punk” series to finish and the Retro Fusion Retro Inspection to sort out, (you should try it plenty of fun to be had on the forums) and so on.

The reason for the delay is stupidly I managed to break my big toe and it has thrown everything into disarray. Never fear, it won’t stop this intrepid reporter, er, poster, er, whatever from doing that thing that you do that hoo-doo or something equally serious sounding.

So what to do instead? Rather handily, I’ve been rediscovering a long lamented system from my past, the ‘Good Ole’ Atari Lynx.

It must be nearly 20 years ago since I last sat down and properly played one, and no a brief go at Chequered Flag doesn’t count as being a proper go. So whilst convalescing I have been messing around with it and can report the following
Some old games are hard, really, really hard.

Batman Returns
was the first pack in game for the Atari Lynx if I recall, coming with the sleeker, sexier Mark 2 Model. The first didn’t have a game pack with as far as I’m aware so this was something of a departure for Atari, who were at odds with themselves and happily imploding behind the scenes anyway.

Now, for an in pack game, a consumer would necessarily want good graphics, great sound, and perhaps something that isn’t too hard to ease them into the world of the console they have brought.

Take the Sega Megadrive for example. Altered Beast wasn’t the greatest game of all time, but the graphics were definitely a step up, even if they aren’t brilliant and it plays well albeit it’s a bit short. Things like digital speech also showed the consumer what could be capable for their new system.
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#1 Feb 22, 2011 23:00:08 ( Feb 22, 2011 23:00 )

Frequency +1
Oh I remember the game well. I loved my Lynx but quickly grew to hate this game!
I had both versions of the Lynx, did anyone notice that the colour on the 1st model actually came off the area where you held it?
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