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Feb 18, 2014 07:25 by 49ersstore
St. Cloud State star lands best hockey honor
Feb 18, 2014 07:25 by 49ersstore
49ers release Jennings to get to 53
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Nov 30, 2011 12:21 by lostruin
Your favourite 8-bit magazine..
Crash - 27%
Amtix - 5%
Zzap 64 - 36%
Sinclair User - 0%

Your Sinclair - 27%
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So with a lucky post Christmas win on the footy I found myself with a nice little stash of money to spend on myself, I bit the bullet and bought a Kinect gubbins for my 360. Now I have never played on a Wii and have no interest in PS3's rampant rabbit ...

Posted by koopa42 on Jan 10, 2011 17:52 (Jan 10, 2011 17:52)

So with a lucky post Christmas win on the footy I found myself with a nice little stash of money to spend on myself, I bit the bullet and bought a Kinect gubbins for my 360. Now I have never played on a Wii and have no interest in PS3's rampant rabbit looking 'move' however Kinect hooked me in (a bit anyway) with the possibilty of titles such as Steel Battalion - a tank/mech game controlled with your arms? How ace (in theory) that would/could (but ultimately won't) be.

Along with Kinect Adventures (a hardware demo thinly veiled as a game) I picked up Kinectimals for the Mrs and a sports title for me, the sports title will be going back unplayed because I was supposed to get Kinect Sports but picked up the wrong one.

I have put in a few hours on the dem....I mean Kinect Adventures and can't say I'm as blown away as I'd hoped, I'm probably feeling exactly as I expected - this is blaverage kiddie stuff aimed at smashing into the Wii market by offering EXACTLY the same without an controller. Harsh? Probably, because it's still early doors but the ever more powerful gaming cynic inside me says 'meh meh meh' and dreads the arrival of Microsofts take on 'Cooking Mama' or some other 'Artic fox animal sanctury for polar bears attack by bats' crap. The one glimmer of hope is if they do actually release a game that at least attempts (however ineptly) to let me control someing big with swords or guns or both whilst making me look like I have Parkinson's - to quote a mighty 80's movie I'd buy that for a dollar.

Oh, Kinectimals is exactly like the usual cutsie poo crap you get on the DS - you know the sort, adopt a 3 legged Sloth who lost a leg in a deforestation accident and needs a mummy to nurse him back to health and teach him Sudoku.

Anyway back to the real reason for this blog entry - the attempt to get a Demon Seed/HAL9000 like technical abomination of rape and destruction in homes all over the world!!!! Harsh? Again probably LOL but when playing Kinect Demo......sorry......Kinect Adventures for the first time? I was only wearing a bathrobe and socks because I was just checking it out, how suprised was I to see it had taken pictures of me looking like a tramp with parkinson's!!!! Ever since this even when playing a non-kinect game such as Fallout NV I sweat that Kinect sensor is looking at me with it's cold, unblinking, sensor of doom, it's planning I tell you, it's planning my destruction!

Overall Kinect is exactly what it says on the box (and in all honesty what we ALL knew) it's a Wii with better tech? I can only hope that just 1 title is released that proves worthy of me running around my front roomm fingers clasped in a gun shape, screaming peoww peoww!
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#11 Jan 16, 2011 13:01:03 ( Jan 16, 2011 13:01 )

Game in Cov, they had plenty of copies too
#10 Jan 16, 2011 11:42:25 ( Jan 16, 2011 11:42 )

I ended up getting Kinect sports at Asda of all places , i really dont like going there but thats another story .
#9 Jan 15, 2011 22:41:01 ( Jan 15, 2011 22:41 )

Been on the look out for Kinect sports but am buggered if I can find it. Where did you get it Koops?
#8 Jan 15, 2011 21:59:26 ( Jan 15, 2011 21:59 )

I take SOME of it back, only aquired Kinect sports today and must admit I thought it was ace fun, footy was great (simple but still footy LOL) and the Track and Field stuff is awesome!
#7 Jan 14, 2011 23:30:32 ( Jan 14, 2011 23:30 )

Yep , me 2 , i was trying to meet as many retrogamers as possible , but it was difficult without any name badges or help from fellow gamers (such as Jdanddiet or psj etc) , next time mate !
#6 Jan 13, 2011 19:10:07 ( Jan 13, 2011 19:10 )

 Missed you at R3play Sirclive1 - I reckon we were quite close to each other as I was in that Warlords compo!
#5 Jan 12, 2011 18:58:59 ( Jan 12, 2011 18:58 )

kids stuff.
#4 Jan 12, 2011 12:29:22 ( Jan 12, 2011 12:29 )

we managed to get one at xmas , (sorry for all the late posts) , and i must say despite a lot of critisicm on the retrogamer forum , we're all really enjoying messing about on the sports game , the adventure ones good (in the boat) and my little lads loving kinectimals , also just seeing the wifes parents jumping about while we were doing xmas dinner was worth it , playing along with the kids .
#3 Jan 10, 2011 21:11:21 ( Jan 10, 2011 21:11 )

just thought I would add that I do have a XBox 360 as well, from my post below it may appear that I do not, in which case it would be silly me thinking about getting a Kinnect.
#2 Jan 10, 2011 21:09:36 ( Jan 10, 2011 21:09 )

Harsh words indeed! I haven't got a Kinnect but am not ruling myself out of getting one. I have a Wii and I felt that Wii Sports was also really a bit of a technical demo, but a reasonably enjoyable one and very accessible to people around me who don't usually bother with games.
I think the best Wii games are where the use of the motion controls are quite subtle (such as Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil 4) rather than the ones that insist on making you do lots of actions - the tomb raider games have occasiojnal dull pointless arm waving little bits that are not fun at all. I think it will probably be the same with Kinnect that it will take a while before developers see that they don't have to make players jump up and down just because they can.
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