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U.S. Olympic hockey group: A projection one particular
Feb 18, 2014 07:25 by 49ersstore
St. Cloud State star lands best hockey honor
Feb 18, 2014 07:25 by 49ersstore
49ers release Jennings to get to 53
Feb 18, 2014 07:25 by 49ersstore
Giants ready for 'bloodbath' vs. 49ers
Feb 18, 2014 07:23 by 49ersstore
Even More consoles!
Nov 30, 2011 12:21 by lostruin
Your favourite 8-bit magazine..
Crash - 27%
Amtix - 5%
Zzap 64 - 36%
Sinclair User - 0%

Your Sinclair - 27%
Commodore User - 5%
Amstrad User - 0%

22 Votes - 2 Comments
As the temperature sizzles in the evening breeze, I sit content at my laptop knowing that the Retro Fusion website is going from strength to strength. In the 9 weeks or since the site has gone live we now have over 100 members registered, a number of w...

Posted by boyo on Jun 4, 2010 19:29 (Jun 4, 2010 19:29)

As the temperature sizzles in the evening breeze, I sit content at my laptop knowing that the Retro Fusion website is going from strength to strength.

In the 9 weeks or since the site has gone live we now have over 100 members registered, a number of well known retro celebs signed up to blog for the site (these include Jon Hare, Ste and John Pickford, Philip Oliver and Archer Maclean) and features, reviews and articles what would make even Retro Gamer proud!

Ste Pickford's first blog is on the site, and he has even popped in to answer questions in the comments.

We also now have a Retro Fusion feed on iTunes - just the Sandy White video interview up there at the moment, but I am exploring the Podcast opportunities that iTunes presents for the site.

Philip Oliver popped over 10 of his wonderful Blitz mugs, 5 of which are up for grabs in the site Shop (a 1,000 points gets you one of these awesome mugs). Check out here for more details how you could own one of these limited edition collectables. Philip will start blogging on the site post E3.

I have awarded 1 mug to Robert Hazelby for being the 100th member to join the site - his mug will be with him very soon, and he promises to take a photo drinking tea and post the snap on the forum.

There are 4 mugs therefore left up for grabs. I think a few competitions maybe in order -please leave your ideas in the comments below and I will make the best ones happen.

Over the next month or so I hope to have interviewed Martyn Brown (Team 17), Nolan Bushnell, Charles Cecil and Walter Day - I have spoken to each of these guys and they are up for talking to Retro Fusion. Watch out for these features on the site very soon.

If anyone can help with iphone, PS1, C64 or Megadrive reviews, then please do put your hand up - your help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, If anyone is interested in advertising on the site, then as you can see with "Casual", banners can be placed in various locations that can bring awareness of your site or product to the increasing numbers of visitors to the Retro Fusion site. More info can be found here.

Well until next time, thanks again for your continuing support and please do provide me with any feedback that you think could improve the site.

Chris Wilkins
Retro Fusion Editor.

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#2 Jun 5, 2010 17:31:30 ( Jun 5, 2010 16:31 )

 Hey Whizz, well come up with a top 50 PS1 games for the site with box art, then I can create a PS1 section then we can go from there - maybe talk on MSN?
#1 Jun 4, 2010 23:18:34 ( Jun 4, 2010 22:18 )

 I would love to contribute with some reviews for PS1. Is there a FAQ or guide to how these should be done?
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