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 Dreamcast - Page 1 of 1 Jump:
Aug 8, 2012 11:29:36  #1
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Joined: May 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Digital Ninja
 Digital Ninja

After all these years of wanting a dreamcast, I finally managed to buy two within a week recently. The first I got from Retro World in birmingham, in exchange for my Atari7800 that I can't play now all my CRT TVs have gone kaput The second I picked up as a bargain (£20) from my local cash converters. Last night I fired the little beauty up on my 50" telly through a scart connection and I was amazed that it converted to the widescreen format flawlessly

So far i'm a bit short on games; Jet Set Radio, Tomb raider, Wetrix, Virtua Tennis and MDK2, but i'm on the search for bargains to add to them.

Loving having this amazing console in my collection.

Aug 12, 2012 18:56:24  #2
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Country: Wales
Site Owner
Re: Dreamcast

I think I would like to get a DC again - I used to have one that I plugged into a 21" VGA monitor using the VGA box. Awesome machine. Resident Evil Veronica being the best game for me.


Aug 28, 2012 22:16:59  #3
Posts: 100
Joined: May 2010
Country: Scotland
Re: Dreamcast

 Still got mines in the cupboard.  But hasnt been played since 2000!  A lot of people say the Dreamcast was 1 of the best consoles ever.  I believe that, a lot of people are still making games for it?

Nov 4, 2012 18:40:06  #4
Posts: 133
Joined: April 2010
Country: Sweden
Re: Dreamcast

 It is a great machine - I have been playing a but of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer this weekend and it is a great game.

At the time I originally bought it I already had it for the N64 and very much hesitated about buying it again even though I had really enjoyed it. It turned out to be worth re-buying though because the Dreamcast graphics ugrade made quite a difference - you could actually see what was coming up on the faster later races on the DC where it was a ll a bit of a blur on the N64. I think the N64 controller was better for this game though.
May 2, 2013 00:45:24  #5
Posts: 2
Joined: May 2013
Re: Dreamcast

 A beautiful machine. I still have mine set up in the living room (though I'm ashamed to say I've not played it in months). Aside from all the great games for it (Ikaruga, Rez, Cosmic Smash, Jet Set Radio, Sega GT, Powerstone, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi etc) it's a fanastic emulation device (nes, C64, atari ST, megadrive, vcs etc etc). The moment the hackers found a way to by-pass the signed code thing allowing cdr's to be played on it was truly a great moment. Plus you could get hello kitty versions of it. Definitely in my top 3 systems.  
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