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New Retro Publishing site...

Posted by boyo on Mar 27, 2012 19:23 (Mar 27, 2012 19:23)

Announcing Pixel Nation Publishing

After many months in development, Pixel Nation Publishing launches today!

Head over to right now to visit the brand new website.

But what is Pixel Nation?

Pixel Nation is a fiercely independent publishing company, specialising in hard print publications about video game history, art, design and culture. We celebrate our independence and all that it brings to us, allowing us to create bespoke niche market products of the highest artistic integrity... products that a mainstream corporate publisher could never take on board.

Pixel Nation is an organically created, independently run company, celebrating all that is positive and unique about the limited edition print medium.

There has been an opinion that printed medium is dying, with future communication and media being the sole realm of the internet, but Pixel Nation must disagree. Print media is not dying, it is just evolving. Pixel Nation will not attempt to compete with the myriad of online sources for the same subject matter, nor compete with similar corporate published magazines and books.

We believe in a technological age where media is being buried behind layers of simulation, there is a great deal to be said for tactile, high quality, printed items.

Pixel Nations Debut Products

Our debut product is the eponymously titled “ Pixel Nation # 1 “ Book. Pixel Nation is a deluxe, collectible quarterly book series. The debut issue is available and in stock now, and it is a high quality book, with 100 full colour glossy pages. It is priced at £3.99 for the PDF, or £8.99 for the collectable print edition, which also includes a FREE PDF copy. UK Shipping is FREE, with Overseas shipping at a super low £2.00, so the book also represents excellent value for money.

Pixel Nation’s 100 glorious and oh so gorgeous full colour, high quality glossy pages are absolutely packed with features, interviews and art work.

We are also taking pre orders on our second title, Mega Drive Total Volume One, which is scheduled for release in July 2012. This will be the first volume in a deluxe collectible book series that will be the world's most complete and leading source of information on Sega's classic and beloved 16-bit console. Taking in over 900 Sega Mega Drive game titles, hundreds of Mega-CD and 32X games, and including a complete guide to hardware and accessories. The Mega Drive: Total series of books will be a comprehensive, beautiful reference and collectors guide.

Our website also hosts a range of exclusive merchandise, including video game related art, miniature arcade ad pinball models, and 1UP2P’s awesome range of Official Bubble Bobble Merchandise.

Pixel Nations U-Publish

Pixel Nation has an unwavering belief that human creativity and inspiration is what should drive consumer products in the future, NOT boring homogenised corporations telling our community how to think. To that end we present “ U-Publish”, which is our platform that literally puts the creative power in YOUR hands. It is a method by which people with creativity and talent can see their own work published.

The U-Publish platform will grow in time, for launch it features three excellent and varied products; the debut Issue of NES-Bit Magazine System which is the worlds first dedicated NES collectors magazine, Hidden Treasures: Rare & Unappreciated Gems, a thoroughly detailed book covering the best rare and unappreciated games throughout the history of gaming, and Pixellation Issue One a specialist retro gaming eMagazine for all eReaders.

All three of these titles are available now on our site as great value PDF purchases.

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#2 Mar 30, 2012 20:48:40 ( Mar 30, 2012 19:48 )

#1 Mar 29, 2012 14:27:14 ( Mar 29, 2012 13:27 )

 Good luck!
Replay Podcast Number 2 - Neo Geo!

Posted Apr 11, 2012 17:04 by boyo
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