Posted by Invisible on Dec 9, 2010 12:16
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Skweek:- The Short Short Review

It's shit, I suggest you play Anarchy (take a look here ) instead. Similar type of game, shoot blocks puzzle element and so forth.

Pick a Colour Any Colour

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Skweek :- The Slightly Longer But Still Incredibly Short Review

Skweek is a game that involves your ball of fire changing the colour of squares and shooting things to progress. It's a shit game. Avoid.

 More Skweek-eness

Still no good?Skweek: The Actual Review

Right going back to 1989 is never an easy task, mainly because the Flux Capacitor hasn’t been invented yet. Bummer, but what can you do.

What cacophony is this that presents before me? It's in French (It's by a French programming team you idiot -Ed.), n'est pas un problem par ce que j'ai appris le français depuis quinze ans. (Au moins je pense qu'on lui écrit comme celui). The game is bright and breezy and initially looks really good as if its worth a play. It even has a jaunty theme that keeps in with its bright nature. So it's excellent then?

Well, no it is in fact tripe of the highest order. There is bright and there is my eyes are burning it's that bright colours.. No wonder people get flash epilepsy from playing these games (Good grief, he went there-Ed). Games can have colours and be very pastelly,  it works in other games, but here it’s just overkill and really distracts from the game at hand giving instant headache award. It transpires that this distraction masks something more hideous though.

The game plays horribly. It has flip scrolling which is unforgivable. ‘Flip’ doesn’t just blight this game and has killed many more. See L.E.D Storm on the Amiga if you don’t believe me ( ). The shunting from side to side as it flips makes the game nearly impossible at speed and completely ruins it. The music is ace though. Back to Skweek, the flip screen means that you are likely to flip into danger and straight to instant death.

Sometimes things like that can be forgiven, however another thing compounds the misery that I had to endure. Skweek is about as controllable an ocean tanker. He certainly has the reactions of one. See the second screen on the very first level? The screen flips and then you have a 1 or 2 square area to stop before instant death and then change direction. Nearly every time, unless you know what is happening or the Skweek registers the movement you will get instant death rather than on to the next part of the level which requires you to change the colours of the squares from one to the other whilst shooting any bad guys in the way.

At this point I'd completely lost the will to ever play this again, but persevere I did, The game has special features which allow you level skips and a lot of different challenges.. Level 20 for example sees you waiting for the enemies come to you before you can move as there are only 4 squares to move on to begin with See, variety it’s there, doesn’t make the game any better. In fact it makes it worse as it gets even more unfair and completely unplayable.

This is definitely a game to avoid completely unless you want a headache induced fit of apoplexy, back in the 1st review of the game I linked to Anarchy on the Spectrum which is an infinitely better game. go and play that instead. It may be 'bastard hard' but it’s better than being visually and aurally raped by such a shit game.