Happy 30th Birthday my faithful friend!
Posted by boyo on Apr 25, 2012 20:21
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I had my ZX Spectrum given to me as a present for Christmas in 1983 from my parents. It was the best Christmas that I have ever had - I also went Skiing in Italy that year as well for New Year!

The games I had on the big day were Manic Miner and Lunar Jetman - two of the best games that appeared on the platform in my opinion.

I am not sure what the next game(s) were but suffice to say there were many C90 tapes produced over the years, and lots of peripheral acquired for my new friend - the ZX Microdrive and Interface 1, DK'tronics keyboard, Currah Speech, Lightpen and various joysticks and interfaces to name but a few.

So Happy Birthday my good friend - you have been with me all the way now for 30 great years!!!