My ZX Spectrum by a Loyal fan!
Posted by boyo on May 6, 2012 14:55
Retrofusion -

I have decided to trace down the ZX Spectrum kit I had back in the early 1980's.

Firstly I had a Spectrum 48k than I put into a Dk'tronics keyboard. There were loads of different keyboards you could buy at the time for your beloved Speccy, but this one was the cheapest and tended to get good reviews. Here is a pic of said keyboard...

We all used a cassette player back then as the only device to load games or applications - a notorius process of bleeps and blops and waiting until hopefully the loading process completed successfully. Well as soon as Sinclair announced the ZX Microdrive I was sold - for Christmas 1983 Santa brought me the Sinclair Expanision pack - an Interface 1, ZX Microdrive and a wallet with 4 Microdrive cartridges with applications and games. Bliss.

The most common peripheral for printing at the time was the ZX Printer. I managed to buy a printer I thought to be much better - the Alphacom 32. This printer was not thermal like Sinclair's offering - but the text did fade over time (blue print on white paper).

Amongst the many applications and games I used on my Spectrum, it was Your Spectrum Megabasic that I have the fondest memories of - I used this extended bacis by Mike Leaman to code my Computer Studies O Level project and still have the project and listing from the Alphacom 32 printer to this very day.

So what I intend to do is source the above kit and the Megabasic application and write in the code from the listing of my O Level project. Why you may ask? Well the Spectrum is 30 this year and now seems as good as any to introduce my kids to something I did back when I was their age.

And when it's all done and dusted I will look to upload the project onto this site.