Ultimate ZX Spectrum
Posted by boyo on Jun 8, 2012 13:13
Retrofusion - http://www.retrofusion.org.uk

Check out this ultmate ZX Spectrum. The things this guy has changed to the base 48K model are as follows:

* Upper RAM replaced by SRAM Cmos.
* Video RAM 4116 replaced by 4164, byebye +12 and -5.
* Z80 replaced by Z80Cmos.
* 7805 regulator system replaced, byebye hotter and disipation system.
* Added charger battery system. You can play and charge at same time.
* Added reset buttom.
* Added red "terminator" led operation.
* Added copper ULA disipator.
* Added 7" tft color monitor.

Can I have one please!!